Trowlock engages with businesses from all manner of sectors to review current business practises to suggest and implement change in the business value chain. Focused on improving top and bottom lines Trowlock has a wealth of understanding to make a real different to your business.


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Strategic Advice and Partnership

• How do we grow without compromising our ongoing business? • What is our growth strategy? • Long-term, do we have or need an exit strategy? • Is this proposed investment worth it? Just some questions that businesses face as it sets out its strategy. We are able to give you solutions leaving you with the facts needed to make the right decision for you.

Pricing and Trade Investment

We work with very large complex and scaled businesses operating across many sectors to analyse pricing architecture to pin point pricing issues and opportunities. In addition we aim to maximise net revenues by focusing on terms and trade investment, creating conditional business partnerships.

Market Analytics

We arm you with clear internal insights about your organisation, your position in the market place, and highlight opportunities for growth. We are able to work at a very detailed level, data mine and then pick out key insights.

Financial Management and Reporting

Working with you to create a change in the way you report internally on business performance. We create suites of management reporting tools to help you communicate with your business partners, setting clear directions and strategies, measuring progress.

Have a project in mind?

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About Jamie Ross

Over a 25-year period Jamie Ross has worked in senior financial and commercial roles including an 11 year career at The Walt Disney Company. Since leaving Disney in 2010, Jamie set up Trowlock and has worked with many organisation in a direct and associate capacity.

Jamie Ross



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Thanks for contacting us, we'll be in touch soon!


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